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This website is intended to help you understand Beneficial Ownership and amendments
to the Companies Act. The website is managed by the Companies Office of Jamaica.
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Companies (Amendment) Act Passed

The amendments to the Companies Act 2023 aims to strengthen Jamaica’s anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism, and proliferation of arms financing efforts as it relates to legal persons.

Quick Overview
Main Features in the Amendment
  • All companies, profit and non-profit, will be required to state the beneficial owner of the company. The Beneficial Ownership threshold was lowered from 50% to 25% for companies with shares.

  • New powers of the Registrar/COJ to verify beneficial ownership information through investigation and inspection.

  • The COJ will no longer charge the Annual Return penalty under Section 121. Only late fees will be collected.

WATCH: Presentation on the Amendments

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  • Identifying Beneficial Owners

  • Obligations

  • Sanctions

  • New Powers

  • New Forms

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